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The Valcol Group is firmly established in Zimbabwe as a leader in selection and recruitment.  The company was formed in 1985 and today has earned a reputation as a market leader and trendsetter in recruitment consultancy, compensation, and market trends consultancy, as well as Thomas profiling of candidates for clients. 

Most employers agree that people are their most important asset.  However, many executives, because of pressures on management, are seldom able to devote sufficient time to staff selection.  In the ever changing Zimbabwean business climate the challenges facing managers are greater than before, not least of which is that of finding and retaining effective and productive personnel.  For this reason, they need expert advice and assistance to help them find and appoint the best people for the job.  It is here that Valcol can provide the skills, experience and proven results. 

Our Mission

  •     To service select clients and provide them with quality candidates in the following areas:

*            Executive & Managerial                 *            Commercial

*            Accounting & Finance                    *            Technical

*            Information Technology                 *            Secretarial

*            Sales & Marketing                          *            Temp Staff 

  •     To be client driven, and to complete assignments within an agreed time frame and to an agreed specification.
  •     To play a leading role in our industry, ensuring added value to our clients by satisfying their comprehensive needs.
  •     To continue to build and maintain a trend setting image in the industry and provide a dynamic and professional service    ensuring:

Optimum and appropriate career opportunities for candidates coupled with providing sound advice and guidance

That the ongoing and changing needs of the clients are met through a full consulting service

That we provide service that is excellent and places us at the forefront of client’s awareness

We present the client’s company to best advantage to candidates


The Selection Process

The consultant will be happy to visit the client to establish:

The client’s industry and company background

A detailed position profile (job description)

An in-depth person profile (person specification)

The remuneration package and conditions of employment

Initial investigations are carried out using the most up-to-date computerized file search systems in Zimbabwe and professional interviews are conducted by our experienced consultants where potential candidates are screened.

Recruitment advertisements, particularly for specialist or management positions, can be placed on behalf of our clients to ensure maximum coverage.  Where a client requires such exposure, or has specific needs, these will be willingly catered for.

A shortlist of suitable candidates is established, dossiers produced and these discussed with the client.  Interviews between client and shortlisted candidates can be arranged at the client premises or we will make available our executive interviewing lounge.

Once the client has interviewed candidates the consultant is intimately involved in the package negotiation and ultimately reference checking and credit clearance.

Unique Added Values

Thomas International Management System

The widely used Thomas International behavioural profile system is used as part of our selection process.  It enables a candidate’s profile to be assessed and matched to the position and corporate culture.  This, used in conjunction with the Human Job Analysis, minimizes the risks of recruitment.

Remuneration Consulting and Customised Salary Surveys

The well-known Valcol remuneration and market trend survey is aimed to give accurate and objective information.

Psychometric Testing

This is available on request and will result in an in-depth report by a qualified psychologist.  This service is out-sourced for clients upon request.

International Recruitment

Valcol has an association with a renowned international recruitment consultancy group with representative offices in Johannesburg.  Through this network Valcol can facilitate your regional and international recruitment needs.  With this benefit we are able to make extensive use of these international resources and provide the client with up-to-date advice on remuneration and employment market trends.


It has repeatedly been demonstrated that the very best results are obtained when assignments are handled exclusively by the Valcol Group.  This is because exclusive assignments foster an added sense of commitment from both parties.  The following quote from W. H. Murray demonstrates the power of commitment:

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.”


Confidentiality is the hallmark of the company, and information concerning clients and candidates are treated with strictest privacy.  In this way the sensitive issue of who is looking in the market place, be it for a position or personnel, is kept confidential.

            The client undertakes:

*          not to divulge information concerning any candidate to any outside party.  This applies during and after completion of the assignment.

*          not to make contact with the candidate’s present or previous employers without the candidate’s prior consent. 

Any information relating to any candidate remains confidential, and may not be passed on to a third party without express approval from Valcol. 

In order to safeguard the confidentiality of the candidate’s application enquiries are usually not made at interview stage to the present or previous employers of the candidate, unless specifically requested by the client.  It is customary for reference checking to be undertaken only when the candidate has reached the stage of final shortlisting and immediately prior to the client making an offer of employment.   This can be done either by the client or by Valcol.

Fee Structure

Permanent Assignments

Consulting fees for permanent assignments are raised by means of invoice and are calculated on the first year’s expected remuneration package.  Where this includes commission or other performance-related components, a realistic estimate of the first year’s remuneration will be agreed.  Please note our placement commission fee – calculated on 20% of total annual remuneration package - and includes commission scheme and guaranteed or predicted annual executive bonus, together with all cash benefits offered to a successful applicant.  Please note our commission fee note is payable upon the start date of employee’s commencement of employment contract.

Please ensure you accept our fee percentage charge and payment conditions before you interview any candidate, to avoid any misunderstanding of cost for services rendered.

Temporary or Contract Assignments

Assignment fees for temporary or contract personnel are raised by means of invoice and are payable on an on-going monthly basis for the duration the temporary or contract employee is employed by the client.  Charges are calculated at 25% of total monthly earnings by the employee over the period they are employed.  Should any temporary or contract employee, who we have introduced, be hired on a permanent basis, the client will be subject to a charge calculated in accordance with the appropriate fee structure for permanent assignments.

Advertisements, placed on behalf of clients, in national, regional or international publications are fixed at a standard charge per insertion and will be agreed with the client beforehand.  Previous results have shown that display advertising, particularly for management and specialized positions, have generated a very high level of interest.

Agreed traveling and subsistence expenses incurred by selected candidates, or by Valcol consultants who are required to travel to distant areas for interviews, are payable by the client and are invoiced at cost.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

Responsibility for final selection and appointment of candidates rests with the client.  Valcol endeavors to ensure that candidates submitted for consideration conform satisfactorily to client specifications.

If, within a period of three months of taking up an appointment, a candidate is dismissed by the client for a valid reason, the client is entitled to a reduced percentage of certain placement charges, not including advertising costs.

This guarantee does not apply if the candidate resigns voluntarily for any valid reason arising directly from his/her working environment or conditions.  The guarantee also falls away if due fees have not been paid within 5 working days of the date of the invoice issued by Valcol.

Thomas International

Thomas International specializes in management systems that help employers in the processes of staff recruitment, selection appraisal, training, career development and other aspects of human resource.  Our consultancy services offer clients added value through:


  •     Enhanced recruitment process and retention levels
  •     Assessment of fit between strategy and behavioural style
  •     Direction of “change management” programmes
  •     Managing Diversity
  •     Increased focus with cohesive team effort and output
  •     Used world-wide, available in 42 languages and supported by user-friendly Thomas Key software